Introduction of the Post-graduate Programs
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Introduction to College of Foreign Languages

About CLF

College of Foreign Languages (CFL) of Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) was founded in May, 2010. Its predecessor was the College of Humanities and Law. Currently the CFL consists of four departmentsDepartment of Foreign Languages , Department of Public English, Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature, Distance Teaching Center for Foreign Languages

The CFL has two buildings: one is the office and classroom building which covers over 5,000 square meters and the other is the laboratory building of foreign language teaching which covers about 5,000 square meters as well. Inside the two buildings, there are foreign language interpretation laboratories, online learning center of modern languages, multimedia language laboratories, and electronic reading rooms for both staff members and students.

Scientific Research Achievement

In 2019, the CFL in TYUT was approved as a provincial first-class undergraduate major construction site and the college English was rated as a provincial high-quality course, and general English afor postgraduates was rated as a provincial high-quality course for postgraduate education. The CFL has successively undertaken 10 national research projects such as the National Social Science Fund of China, research project of the National Soft Science, research project of the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science, 5 projects of College English Teaching Reform of the Ministry of education, and 60 scientific research and teaching reform projects at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. The CFL has completed or are undertaking more than 70 scientific research projects such as the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education and Science in Shanxi Province, of which more than 10 research projects have won awards such as Outstanding Achievements of Social Science Research at Provincial Level and Awards of Teaching Achievements in Shanxi Province. Hundreds of articles have been published both at home and abroad, of which dozens have been published in international professional journals, special journals of foreign languages and CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index) journals, which have exerted influence on the language circle at home and abroad.

Introduction to Supervisors of CFL

LIU Bing

male, professor, mainly engaged in applied linguistics, second language acquisition, foreign language teaching theory, and computer assisted language learning. He has published ten papers in national and provincial level journals (three of them in CSSCI source journals), and published six monographs and textbooks, including three national-level textbooks of "Eleventh Five-Year" and "Twelfth Five-Year" plans. Now, he is presiding over one National Social Science Foundation project and six provincial and ministerial projects. He completed one National Educational Science leading project, one National Soft Science project, one sub-topic of National Social Science Foundation project, one Ministry of Education college English teaching reform project, one "China Foreign Language Education Research Center" project, as well as seven provincial and ministerial research projects.

DUAN Rongjuan

female, professor, mainly engaged in foreign language teaching, linguistics and applied linguistics, multimodal metaphor.

As principal investigator, Prof. Duan has completed more than 10 provincial projects, and published nearly 20 papers, including 2 papers published in CSSCI journals and 5 papers in Chinese core journals.

GUO Aiping

female, professor. She received her PhD from Shanghai International Studies University. She offers “An Introduction to Linguistics” for graduate candidates. Her main research interests are Second Language Acquisition, Functional Grammar and Textual Linguistics. In the past few years she has published 2 monographs, 2 textbooks, more than 20 papers at home and abroad. She has also been awarded prizes for excellence in research four times. She is currently conducting some projects on the contrastive analysis of scientific English between native and non-native English speakers, formulaic language and English proficiency, and the study of western images of China in ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative.

YU Wansuo

male, professor, he is now working as a supervisor of postgraduates and a teacher of advanced English writing. He served as Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Departmental Head, Party branch secretary and chairman of Teacher Association. He has also been acting as a referee for the English Weekly and a judge of the China Daily “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition Regional Final for quite a long period of time.

His research area has been focused on discourse studies and English writing instruction, academic English writing, and foreign language teaching as well. He has taken charge of 9 provincial research projects either as principal researchers or as participants. Up to now, he has published 9 CSSCI and core journal articles listed in the Peking University core periodical catalogue and 3 monographs also.

LIU Rong

male, professor, he is the deputy director of Internet-Based Foreign Language Education Center. His research programme spans corpus linguistics, computational linguistics and discourse analysis. “The Construction and Application of Language Resources instructed by him is accessible for postgraduates. He has carried out two national projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, two provincial projects and another three projects. Dr Liu has published 15 papers in CSSCI-indexed journals, Peking University Core Journals and other journals, as well as a monograph. Dr Liu won the second prize of “Top 100 quality Academic Achievement” of Shanxi Province in 2017, the outstanding achievement award of the tenth “Social Science Research Achievement” of Shanxi Province in 2018.

WAN Lan  

female, associate professor, director of the Network Education Center of the College of Foreign Languages. She is mainly engaged in translation theory and practice, and the research of corpus translation. She has presided over three soft science projects of Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, two educational science planning projects of Shanxi Province, and two philosophical social science projects of Shanxi Province. She also published one CSSCI paper, five papers from Peking University Core Journal, and won the third prize of Shanxi Teaching Achievement Award. In 2017, the students she supervised won the third prize in the "Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Cup" National English Writing Competition.

SUN Baoheng

Female, associate professor, postgraduate supervisor of Western Literary Theory , literature and literary theory. From 2012 to 2018, Sun hosted and participated in six provincial scientific research projects, published several provincial and core scientific research papers, and participated in national and international literary and teaching seminars. She possesses intimate knowledge of the works of Thomas Hardy, William Faulkner, and Virginia Woolf. In terms of postgraduate teaching process, she focuses on in-depth analysis of theories and personalized text reading.

GAO Yufang

female, associate professor, Gao is mainly engaged in the research of translation theory and translation teaching, and has set up courses of "Introduction to Translation" and "Research on Translation" for graduate students.

Gao has presided over and participated in many provincial projects and published more than ten translations. She won a third prize for outstanding achievements in social science research in Shanxi Province.

LIU Yamin

female, associate professor, mainly engaged in the research of foreign language teaching and translation history. Her doctoral thesis won the "Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Hubei Province" and the "Nomination Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Higher Education", and was selected as the young outstanding talent of Shanxi Province's "Shanxi Elite" Support Program in 2018. Liu published monographs such as "The Mission of School Moral Education-Rebuilding the Common Spiritual Homeland of the Chinese Nation" (second author). Liu published more than ten academic papers in "Comparative Education Research"(Journal) and other academic Journals. Currently, she is presiding over a national education science planning youth funded project and participating in a number of national and provincial-level projects.

LI Xiuhong

female, associate professor. Li obtained Master degree of education from Tottori University in 2004. She mainly engaged in the research of language testing, language teaching and teachers’ development. Li has presided over 5 provincial projects, undertook 4 provincial projects and published 2 CSSCI journals and 6 papers in core journals of Peking University. Li was awarded the third prize of “excellent academic thesis of language teaching” in the third seminar of Japanese language teaching. Li also obtained the third prize of young and middle-aged lecturers’ teaching skills competition of the College of Foreign Languages and the university.

WU Riga

female, associate Professor, got her Ph.D degree in Language culture from Osaka University in Japan in 2013. Her research interests mainly focus on bilingual education and second language acquisition. She has published 5 academic papers in Japanese journals and participated in compilation of one oral Japanese textbook. Wu presided over a National Social Science Funded youth project, a research grant project for returning students from Shanxi Province, and a university-level youth project. Besides, she also participated in 2 national social science educational planning topics, 2 provincial-level projects, and published 1 paper in foreign journals in the last five years.

ZHU Quanding

associate professor, graduated from Soochow University. In recent years, his papers have been published in Modern Chinese Literature Studies, Literature and Art Forum, Social Sciences Journal of Universities in Shanxi and other academic journals. In addition, a number of scientific research projects have been participated in and presided over. Several works have come out, especially The Narrative Perspective and Media Dissemination of Chinese Detective Novels by Huamulan Publishing House in 2017. His main research interests: Popular Culture and Popular Novels.

WANG Yikai

Female, associate professor, focuses on research of English writing, EAP, ICT-integrated language teaching. She teaches Second Language Acquisition and Academic English Reading and Writing for graduate students.

She has taken charge of two provincial projects and participated in one national project. She has also published several research articles on CSSCI and core journals like Foreign Languages and Their Teaching.

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