The CFL Holds the Annual Meeting between the CPC Members
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On January 8th, the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages (CFL) held the 2020  Democratic Meeting for Party members and leading cadres at the CFL Professor Zhai Jian, a member of the TTYUT Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Secretary General of the Discipline Inspection Commission of TYUT, attended the meeting and gave guidance at work. Representatives of the CFL party committee members and department heads of the CFL attended the meeting.  The meeting was presided over by Professor Liu Bing, Secretary General of the CFL Communist Party Committee.  

At the meeting, Liu Bing reported the preparation of the meeting, and on behalf of the leadership of the CFL, analyzed the prominent problems at work, and the corresponding roots of the problems. All other CFL leaders gave a brief report based on self performance as well as problems or mistakes that were committed in 2020.

Zhai Jian gave full recognition to the preparation and holding of the democratic life meeting. He pointed out that the CFL had made outstanding achievements in CPC construction, talents training, discipline construction and epidemic prevention and control under the leadership of the CFL in the past year.  

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