Students at the CFL Obtain a Great Success in TEM-4 2021
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In 2021, students at the College of Foreign Languages (CFL) TYUT made a great success at the TEM-4. Among 135 English Majors of the 2018 intakes, 42 students got distinction of over 80 points out of 100, and 53 students got excellent scores of over 70 while below 80 points out of 100, and the pass rate reached 93.33%. Among 118 English majors of the 2019 intakes, the distinction rate reached 31.11%, i.e. 21 students got excellent scores, and 48 students got excellent scores. The pass rate is 94.92%, which is another historic record!

TEM-4 (Test for English Majors Band-4) is a national exam commissioned by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and organized by National Teaching Committee for Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities. It aims to examine the comprehensive English language competence of English majors at the basic stage, and it is also an important indicator to evaluate the teaching quality. Therefore, it enjoys great popularity and recognition both in colleges and in the society.

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