The CFL Holds a Meeting to Launch the Application for the Teaching Competition among Young Teachers
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Leaders of the CFL have been engaged in the cultivation of young talents among teachers. In the meanwhile, the importance is attached to the competition between young teachers both at TYUT, Shanxi Provincial levels and national levels. The CFL invited experienced experts at English teaching and training to help young teachers at the CFL to prepare themselves not only for routine teaching but for the competition at different levels as well.  

Professor Liu Bing, Secretary General of the CFL Communist Party Committee, Professor Duan Rongjuan, Dean of the CFL, and other people concerned made all the efforts to help teachers at the college, and encourage them to work hard for the best. With comprehensive preparations, good results are expected to be achieved in December of 2021 in the competition at TYUT, and it is also hoped that someone will enter for the completion at Shanxi Provincial level.

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