The CFL Encourages Students Signed for the Entrance Examination for Master Degree
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With the National Graduate Entrance Examination for 2022 approaching, the College of Foreign Languages (CFL) held a meeting to show the best wishes from the college. At the meeting, Professor Liu Bing, Secretary General of the CFL Communist Party Committee, Professor Duan Rongjuan, Dean of the CFL, Mr. Zheng Weiguo, Deputy Secretary of the CFL Communist Party Committee, and Liang Yingping, Vice Dean of the CFL as well as over 60 students and all the students counselors attended the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the CFL gave each student a gift pack to encourage them to fight for the exam and expressed best wishes from the CFL. It was rather relaxing at the meeting and all students were expected to be able to deal with the exam under pleasant atmosphere.

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