Headmaster Huang Qingxue and his party inspected the execution of the summer semester on the spot
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On the morning of July 19, Huang Qingxue, member of the chinese academy of engineering and principal, Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the university, Lv Yongkang, vice president of the university and dean of the undergraduate collegeand head of relevant department (units) went deep into the teaching site to check the execution of the international English teaching in our summer camp.All the members of the party committee team of the college and the person in charge of the relevant departments (units) accompanied the inspection.


On the morning of the 19th, Huang Qingxue and his party first came to Xingmianlou and Xingyuan Lou to check on the teaching of the International English Exchange course of the class of 2020 in the summer semester. In class, foreign teachers give vivid lectures on all-English courses and interact enthusiastically with students throughout the day; While the teaching assistants patrol the classroom from time to time to assist in teaching. Huang Qingxue sometimes quietly stopped in the back of the classroom to listen, look around the classroom environment and feel the teaching effects; Sometimes he came into the classroom to have in-depth exchanges with foreign teachers, teaching assistants, and classmates to understand everyone's learning experience. On behalf of the school, we express our appreciation and gratitude to the teachers and students for their rigorous teaching and diligent study in the hot summer.



      At the special meeting held after that, Huang Qingxue fully confirmed the orderly development of all work in the summer semester and expressed appreciation for the hard work of the teachers who undertake the tasks of the summer semester and the staff of relevant departments (units) such as teaching and security. He pointed out that running a summer semester is a very important measure for our school to solidly promote education and teaching reform, constantly innovate the mode of personnel training, strive to improve teaching quality, and accelerate the internationalization of running a school. "success comes from being tempered into steel. No pain, no gain. The construction of "double first-class" especially needs such a spirit of not admitting defeat and not afraid of hardship. We can only forge ahead step by step, vigorously carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, the spirit of pragmatism, and the spirit of daring to struggle, so as not to insult the mission of 'double-first-class' construction! " He demanded that we should continue to do a good job in teaching, scientific research, social practice, student management, and logistics service in the summer semester, and earnestly ensure the quality and effect of education and teaching in the summer semester with a full state of mind and solid work ethic to lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents with an international vision, continue to strive and make unremitting efforts to speed up the reform of school education and teaching, and to realize the construction and upgrading of "double first-class" construction.


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