Embarking on a New Journey of Life with Determination
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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning.

It’s a big day today when you have finished your study at TYUT. We sincerely congratulate you on your successful academic accomplishments here.

In the past few years, we teachers have witnessed tremendous progress in all of you. Your excellent performance in learning, volunteering, self-management, scientific and technological innovation, social practice etc., leaves a positive impression to all teachers and other students.

Looking back on the past few years, we have witnessed the development of the CFL together. Not only has the rate of passing CET-4 improved by 8% to 9% per year steadily, but the one-time pass rate of TEM-4 for undergraduate English majors reached 90.32% this year, which was 37.63% higher than the national average for English majors. This is a new record in the history of our college. Two teaching achievements in our college also won the first prize of Shanxi Province teaching achievements in 2019. Six papers were published in journals for the CSSCI, which is another breakthrough. It is worth highlighting here that graduate student, Li Xin, published one paper in a journal for the CSSCI and one extension in the CSSCI. She was the first graduate who published a paper in journals for the CSSCI in the history of our college. The achievements of the college over the past few years are connected to your hard work and contributions. On behalf of all the faculty and students, I would like to say something to you when you are about to take your first steps in society.

First, continue to enrich the résumé of your life. University is a station on the road of life, so graduation is not the end of learning but a new beginning. This time is for the celebration of graduation and also for the declaration of a new period. We believe that you will treat your families with love, spend your life with care, and work with wisdom and perseverance. I wish you all the best in every step you take in the future, which will be steady, solid and upright.

Second, make great efforts to integrate into society. You should think independently and take responsibilities. You need to be flexible whilst applying your knowledge and strive to become a lifelong learner. You should respect others and give them a hand, collaborate with others and have a strong sense of team work. You also need to enhance your problem-solving abilities and keep working hard. Only when you can suffer from grievances, endure loneliness and withstand life’s difficulties, can you make a path of self-development and self-achievement in the midst of social upheavals!

Third, go into the future with a broad vision. Benefiting from your unique linguistic advantages and ability to access global information, it is easy for you to analyze the situation of the country, society, surroundings and yourselves from the international perspective with a broad vision. Therefore, you should learn to be tolerant and responsible in the new period.

Let’s remember the years we spent together in the college, the wonderful friendship between teachers and students, many sincere smiling faces, warm scenes and moving stories. In the bright future, the college and teachers are your friends and family, watching you with affectionate eyes, cheering for your every improvement and supporting your every effort! I also hope that you will continue to pay attention and support the college and give suggestions to its development. We are looking forward to your good news!

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