Boyi English Drama Club of CFL Successfully Presents the Debut
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On the evening of July 9 and 11, Boyi English Drama Club of the College of Foreign Languages successfully staged the classic work of Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish playwright, The Importance of Being Earnest at the Students Activity Center of Mingxiang Campus. The teachers and students in TYUT and the audience outside the school enjoyed the performance.

Throughout the play, the actors gave the audience a superb all-English drama performance. They sincerely expressed the thoughts and feelings of the characters, and won applause from the audience. After the performance, the audience said that they appreciated the English drama and hoped that the school would launch more performances in the future. They believed that the drama integrated learning with entertainment and presented an effective way to learn English, meanwhile the drama performance gave people opportunities to learn foreign culture and language, which was conducive to improving the overall quality of students.

Founded in October 2018, Boyi English Drama Club is an important part of the Double Ten Project of TYUT undertaken by the College of Foreign Languages. It aims to strengthen students’ artistic literacy and command of Chinese and Western culture, comprehensively enhance students’ professional ability and self-confidence. Boyi English Drama Club is the first English drama club in our university and the first English drama club in Shanxi Province. The English drama this year aims to help strengthen the international atmosphere of TYUT.

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