The Passing Rate of CET-4 in CFL Reaches a Record High
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The results of the National English Test Band 4 (TEM-4) in 2019 have been released recently. The one-time passing rate of our 2017 undergraduate English majors has reached 90.32%, an increase of 2.36 percentage points compared with the best scores ever achieved. To put this into perspective, it is 37.63 percentage points higher than the average pass rate across China (52.69%), and 27.19 percentage points higher than the average pass rate of universities of science and technology nationwide (63.13%). Among the students who passed TEM-4, 23 of them are of excellent grade, 42 of good grades, both of which account for 52% of all the students who passed TEM-4.

TEM-4 is a nationally standardized examination organized by the National College Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee under the authorization of the Ministry of Education. TEM-4 is targeted at second-year undergraduates of English majors, and is conducted in April on a yearly basis. Focusing on evaluating English majors’ command of basic knowledge of the English language and their ability to comprehensively use the language, the exam is of high value and is widely acknowledged.

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